Saturday 19 March 2016

OpenBCI and the UltraCortex

Perhaps the most ambitious and promising approach to assessing and training the brain is by OpenBCI (  They have developed a 3D printed headgear with dry electrodes that they say can be applied in 30 seconds.  You can make your own headgear if you own a 3D printer or order one from them.  They have 4, 8 and 16 channel systems and software that goes with it.  They plan a 61 ultracortex 3D printed headgear.

It is all open source.  I am getting the headgear printed and have ordered the unprintable parts.  I am going to see if it works with the equipment that I have.  Tune in for progress reports.

Scroll down their home page to check out their Kickstarter video that explains their project.