Wednesday 31 October 2012

Innovations in neuroshaping

I recently came across a post on one of the neurofeedback forums about a piece of equipment called Muse produced by Interaxon, a company in Toronto headed by Ariel Garten.  This is one of the new wearable EEG bands that can be used without messy electrode paste and wires.  This kind of technology holds the promise of making neuroshaping applications available on an everyday basis.  (Neurosky and Emotiv are others using similar technology.)   Although the equipment is not yet on the market (promised for spring of 2013), Ms. Garten has been promoting the concept behind it--thought controlled computing--widely for the past few years.  Most notably, she gave a TED talk in 2011 that is available on (  In broad strokes she advances an ambitious case for the concept of thought controlled computing and neuroshaping technologies.  Her background is in neuroscience, performance art, and psychotherapy.

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