Saturday 10 November 2012

Alpha suppression differentiates FA and OM

Differences in alpha suppression were observed in early studies and present a clear contrast between concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation.  Normally, repetition of a stimulus will result in alpha suppression and then habituation.  Anand et al (1961) observed no alpha suppression by experienced practitioners of Raj Yoga, a form of concentration meditation, whereas Kasamatsu and Hirai (1966) observed that in experienced practitioners of Zazen, a form of open monitoring meditation, alpha suppression occurred to repetitive auditory stimuli with no habituation to the stimuli.  This suggests that in concentration meditation there is a relative lack of awareness of repetitive stimuli competing with the primary object of meditation, whereas in open monitoring there is awareness that is fresh to each repetition.

Anand, B., Chhina, G. S., & Singh, B. (1961). Some aspects of electroencephalographic
studies in yogis. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 13, 452–456.

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