Monday 24 March 2014

Brainwaves hit the runway

Another application for wearable brainwave equipment, appropriately named NEUROTiQ, is hitting the fashion runways:  

It uses the EMOTIV platform.  According to the blurb on the neurogadget website:  

NEUROTiQ turns brain activity into colorful lights that correspond to specific brain states according to the followings:
  • Delta brainwaves (deep sleep) show up in red
  • Theta state (meditation) activates orange lights
  • Beta (consciousness) turns into yellow-green
  • Gamma is a multi sensory brain state, so it turns on blue, purple, and red bulbs as well
The company producing this item, Sensoree (, promotes "extimacy" (externalized intimacy).  You can literally wear your emotions with a variety of their "artifacts" (products).

The company even has an entrainment meditation application (

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